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Commodore 64 - Build V1.4 (05/23/21)

Who doesn't love the Commodore 64?

My take on Jamie Zawinski's excellent Apple2 saver from XScreenSaver. Mine is both a screensaver and a desktop toy that displays a Commodore 64 with someone using it. Watch as they get directories, format disks, write programs, load applications, draw graphics, change colors, and do more than 30 different activities.

I use a 4k monitor so I like to have the desktop toy running in the corner doing Commodore 64 activities. Brings back good memories.

I'm rewriting the engine for my 2.0 release and including a dozen or so new activities.

Requirements: .NET 4.8

Dungeons V1.0 (06/08/21)

The Biggest RPG Game Ever!

Welcome brave adventurer! How much gold can you collect while you explore a four million room dungeon filled with dangerous creatures? Get the gold, use the potions, and stay alive as long as you can!
Your Adventure Awaits!

When I was teaching computer science at different universities, I found that a majority of students were learning to program because they wanted to write video games. It was difficult to interest them in the more boring parts of software development even though many of these concepts overlap and are useful regardless of what software you are developing.

Dungeons was written to help my students apply different concepts while learning procedural programming in a creative and fun project. It remains the most popular class I have taught and many students have commented on how it helped them better understand concepts in a project they could relate to.

Requirements: .NET 4.8

Cellular Automaton - Build 1.0 (07/01/21)

Life Simulation - My variation on life simulation by John von Neumann and John Horton Conway.

I wrote this for my students while teaching computer science at different universities. It is a simple under 300 line C# application which follows this rule set:

  1. Each cell with one or zero neighbors will die
  2. Each cell with four or more neighbors dies
  3. Each cell with two or three neighbors lives
  4. Each cell with three neighbors becomes populated


  • Easy GUI World Building: Left click to place white cells and right click to remove white cells.
  • Real-Time Disease Control: You can adjust the population’s rate of disease in real time.
  • Real-Time Cycle Control: You can control how long each cycle takes in real time.
  • Real-Time Counters: Simple counters to track cycles and world population.
  • God Mode: You can stop time, edit the world, and re-start time again.

Requirements: .NET 4.8

ASMR MBox - Build 1.3 (05/23/21)

Who doesn't love ASMR?

I wrote this about ten years ago before YouTube had a selection of ASMR and ambient audio selections. MBox allows you to select up to ten different mp3 files and then choose how loud and how often each is played. This allows you to build your own ASMR or white noise selections.

I have included a ‘Thunderstorm at Night’ example using public domain mp3 files. The rain, thunder, crickets, owls, and wind are all separately controlled by you so you can customize what you want to hear and when you want to hear them.

I find Mbox very helpful when I want more than white noise in the background but not music that might distract me while I am working.

Requirements: .NET 4.8

Port Check - Build 1.1 (05/23/21)

Port Check was written for a company that needed to check to see if a certain port was either open or be opened by something. I don't remember the situation but this will check a port at regular intervals and then send a notice via email.

Requirements: .NET 4.8


I hope to post additional software I have written including work in AI, robotics, and global applications.

I also hope to post my resume and information on my new book that I have been working on.

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